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American Broach Tools are not the lowest cost per pound, they are the lowest cost per piece broached!

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Universal Broach Tool Sharpener

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“The World’s Best CNC Automatic Broach Tool Grinding Machine”

Universal Broach Tool Sharpener
Universal Broach Tool Sharpener
Universal Broach Tool Sharpener

Conversational Programing
Fastest & Simple Operation

5 sizes up to 120 Inch Tool Length
Best Value – New or Remanufactured
Designed, Programed, & Built by Broach Makers!

American Broach invented our first “CNC Automatic Broach Sharpening Machine” in 1986 for our own use. In 1987, a second was built, in 1988, Chrysler purchased 2 CNC Sharpeners, since then, more than 50 have been sold. Since its invention, we have been using these machines to sharpen broaches every day, making each model better thru experience.